The azure waters of the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Marmara and the Black Sea surround Turkey to the south, west and north, making it a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches in which yachtsmen can choose a different and private anchorage each night. 

The sailing paradise of Turkey is also home to the Mavi Yolculuk ( Blue Voyage), an idyllic cruise which travels to the private beach of Cleopatra, the eternal fires of Mount Olympos and the remains of thousands of ancient civilizations. 

Sailing in Turkey also allows visitors to experience the hospitality of the people in the coastal villages and towns. The tempered winds blowing from the west and the northwest make the long summers ideal for yachting, and seem to encourage an appreciation of nature. From some of the turquoise coasts' unspoilt and sheltered bays you can see mountain peaks rising to almost 3000 meters above sea level. 



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